What does a new subscriber think about 187ci CS:GO cheat?

What does a new subscriber think about 187ci CS:GO cheat?

I have interviewed a recent subscriber of the 187ci cheat, and he was amazed at how good the cheat was. Since 187ci is fairly new, he was skeptical about whether he needs to purchase it. At first glance, it may be a new cheat, but everything feels so familiar. It was just last week he found out that 187ci owns most of the cheating website. No wonder he mentioned the familiarity in the cheating program.

What does 187ci CS:GO cheat offer compared to other competitors?

As said by the subscriber, "Most CS:GO cheats that I have bought are either scams or just not working as advertised." He also added, "I was really having a hard time trusting CS:GO cheat providers. As they only want money in their pockets. They do not understand that each dollar I spend for cheat is hard-earned money." The CS:GO cheat subscriber also admitted that, "To be honest, I am not really good at the game. I just want to look like those professional players I watched in the game. Of course, I also want to use an account with skins. With Valve very strict in banning players, most of the skins I bought are permanently locked in my accounts when I get banned. There will come a day that I can no longer buy skins as I will get bankrupt. I really enjoy looking like a legit professional player."

As a writer, I really understand the struggles of most people who try to cheat. I am not saying I want to promote cheating, but there are people who just want to live their lives differently from other people. Yes, cheating is bad, but is it really worse than having a depressing life? Cheating in the game can only be as bad when you are destroying the lives of other people. Hence, smurfing should not really be promoted. It's the same concept. A good professional player who worked so hard to be good destroys other players. That opponent would still feel unfair.

That is why 187ci promised that their CS:GO cheat will be as human-like as possible. They want to minimize the disadvantage of cheating. Not only that the 187ci CS:GO cheat is amazing, it is also safe from bans. With a good track history of cheating detection, 187ci is considered one of the best providers out there.

Is the 187ci cheat easy to configure?

"Yes, 187ci is very easy to configure. I really never had a hard time after setting it up. It may be difficult at the start because I am still new, but the staff watered down the steps. The staff handled everything quickly," said the subscriber. The subscriber was also able to mention that; actually, it was not that hard to set it up. The staff was just very helpful, and he did some of the things for me. Although without any help, the details of the setup are carefully structured. The words that were used were not that difficult, considering English was not his first language.

The subscriber said in the interview, "I am not really good at speaking English. People in our country don't really make fun of people who can't speak English. I just used a translation application to understand it. I was amazed at how the instructions translated directly into my language. Sometimes when I translate things, the actual thought of the message is lost. I think the staff arranged the words to really match multiple languages when translated. They did a good job keeping the instructions plain and simple."

That is definitely right. If you are looking for a good cheat, you must be wary of how dedicated the staff is. Most cheat subscribers come from many different countries. With a staff full of global players, 187ci has become a top provider of service and assistance. Many customers are looking for a good cheat provider for a permanent solution. Other gamers want something that they are familiar with and, at the same time, excellent.

Will you subscribe for more months of 187ci CS:GO cheat?

The subscriber happily said, "I will definitely purchase more 187ci CS:GO cheat months. With their promotion of buying bulk months definitely saved me tons of dollars." He also mentioned that not only that the 187ci cheat is very good, the staff is also hands-on.

"I think 187ci rewards, loyal customers. I saw one member who is already 3 years customer, and he got a huge discount," said the subscriber. The subscriber also added, "I want to have that kind of prestige. This is the reason why I am trying my best to be a good customer. I usually promote that 187ci CS:GO cheat through word-of-mouth. I have already gathered 4 of my friends to play with me."

The subscriber also mentioned cheating in leagues, "I am only 3 months away from being eligible for the premium version of the cheat. In time, I will be able to try the cheat against strong anti-cheat clients."

187ci also offers a referral program where you can get something every time a friend of yours has a successful purchase.

What are some of the highlight features of the 187ci CS:GO cheat?

"The first thing I noticed in the cheat is the aimbot. The aimbot is not only good but also behaves like human aim," said the subscriber.

The subscriber mentioned that these are some of the features that he enjoyed a lot:

  • Good aimbot
  • Price
  • Clean ESP interface
  • Clean menu UI

What was good about the aimbot?

The subscriber mentioned that the aimbot looks real even on recordings. "My friend told me that a good indication of a good aimbot is when you slow things down. He told me that to test the aimbot is good, you have to record the gameplay at .25x speed. I was really amazed that it is very smooth. I am still new to the settings at that time, and it is already convincing. What more when I set it up properly," the subscriber amazingly said.

Why is the price amazing?

"The price is really competitive considering that it is plenty of features. With this kind of a quality CS:GO cheat, I am expecting it to cost $300. Fortunately, I can enjoy a $300 cheat for just a small fraction of it. I am really glad to be part of the 187ci family," The subscriber said.

How clean is the ESP interface for 187ci CS:GO cheat?

The subscriber said that the ESP can be easily be seen. "The ESP can be configured by the clean menu. I noticed that the ESP boxes are aligned with the body very well. The default font used is clean, as well as the spacing. If you don't like the font size and color, you can change it as you please. Although I still prefer the default. It makes me see things clearly," said the subscriber.

How clean is the menu UI?

The interface is very clean and easy to read, as the subscriber said. "I don't usually notice the interface as I am a plug-and-play player myself. I just turn on the settings as I please. The 187ci CS:GO cheat is surely different from the others. I'll give the designers 5 stars for making the interface as clean as possible. It's not confusing. On top of it, it is functional," the subscriber said.

Final note regarding the 187ci CS:GO cheat

CS:GO continue to become a popular game. Many games have surfaced to try and beat the crown of CS:GO. With the emergence of Valorant, it may seem that CS:GO is going to be dethroned. In this case, it is not. CS:GO will continue to be a great game in the years to come. With Valve getting hands-on in the professional scene, they are not going to give up that easily.

It is rumored that CS:GO will be focusing on a much better Valve Anti-Cheat. This can gather more players in the scene. If this happens, cheaters may be having a hard time looking for a good cheat provider. That is why we recommend everyone to get a reliable source for their cheating runs. 187ci has been in the business for a very long time. With many updates that come along, 187ci has withstood everything.

187ci is operating in an out of the lights scheme. This means that 187ci does not want to rely upon popularity to deliver as many sales as possible. Instead, they select a few people who are qualified to get a hold of their cheats. Thus, you can tell that 187ci is really focusing on the quality and not just increasing sales. An indication of a good provider is that they maintain integrity for many years. Many providers will try to hide everything just to make profits. A bad provider will delete negative comments in their forums. This is not what 187ci does. Instead, they gather all negative comments to convert them into a strength.

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