187ci is back!

187ci is back more than ever. A legend that once shaken the world of cheating. The community which made 187ci possible in the first place still exists. The only cheat provider that thinks that competition and alliance are essential. Now owned by a reputable manager, 187ci will continue its legacy.

All mergers and acquisitions may take a long time, but the new owner of 187ci quickly fulfill this at a record time.  Yes, there were obstacles in the process. This includes the formation of a pool of top-quality staff. The aggressiveness of the business was also taken into consideration. Reviving 187ci is no easy task. The competition is harsh, but you can never hide the fact of a Tier 1 cheat provider. Customers have been part of 187ci DNA ever since. You may be asking what happened to 187ci, and it suffered an ill-fated shutdown.

The previous owner of 187ci simply just thought of moving on with his life. A journey that everyone would eventually venture in. Shutting down would be the best course to pave the way to the more new and more hungry provider. That was a very generous gesture, indeed. Although many years have passed, only a few have rivaled the quality of 187ci.

The difference that 187ci will make from the current best providers will be its legacy continuity:

The community will always be an active part of research and development.
187ci hired real gamers that will administer the support.
Alliance with top coders and cheat providers.
Innovative undetected bypass.
Member screening with non-invasive privacy measures

With the collaboration of dedication-based websites, the group is nevertheless groundbreaking - focused on advancement with superior customer support. Our own clients will feel always be the most-pleased. Dependability, along with continuous research and development, will be the key to our success. 187ci will put out the mindset of not admitting to mistakes. Humility will be practiced all throughout. Criticism is always acknowledged.

Customers will not feel confused when they establish contact with the support team. The dedicated support of 187ci will always assume that the customer does not know anything. The customer is still the base of the foundation. Without them, the whole provider will crumble. Other websites will think that everyone should be knowledgeable. They will tend to get lazy and skip the proper steps. This will leave the customers at bay feeling like they were scammed. That mortal sin will never be tolerated in 187ci. Only a real gamer can understand the hardship of setting up whether it would be software or hardware. That is why 187ci hired the best players in the world to administer the technical support team.

The support team will not be the only best in our staff pool and the coders and cheat developers themselves. 187ci acquired two young, knowledgeable private coders that will continue the legacy of undetected cheats. Previous bypass and cheat features that were once thought to be detected and unsafe are now made possible by their unique talents. Two developing skills that can propel and run 187ci to greater heights and longevity. This ensures that your uncertainty and anxiety of getting banned will be reduced to almost 0%.

Trust and honesty are all that matters. Customers will undergo screening that will not compromise their privacy. 187ci would like to establish a community with a worry-free environment. As an honest cheat provider, 187ci cannot always control the members 100%.  Other cheat providers will just focus on earning money, nothing else. They do not enforce strict protocols. If the cheat will get leaked, rest assured that the 187ci cheat cannot be irreversibly engineered to reveal the source code. Our coders have mastered the highest level of security. For safety reasons, 187ci will never reveal those secrets.

The list of cheats that 187ci will provide are the following, but not limited to:

FiveM for Grand Theft Auto V
Battlefield 1
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Battlefield 5
Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty Black Ops Series
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019
Star Wars: Battlefront II
Team Fortress 2
Counter-Strike Source
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Counter-Strike Global Offensive League Version
Counter-Strike 1.6 League Version
Left 4 Dead 2
Project Reality
World of Tanks
World of Warships

Cheats will be added as the demand rises. As mentioned, the customer will slowly take part in the decision of the team. They will be allowed to request more features. Bug reports will be addressed immediately.   Cheats will be priced per packages, so the clients will not have to worry about which cheat they should buy. 187ci will also offer a referral system, so you can invite your friends for additional discounts. Mails and notifications will be sent regularly to notify you of any changes. The 187ci website will provide status updates every day.

Early-bird customers will receive abundant promos and freebies. Stay tuned, and we will give the launch date soon. 187ci is calling all past members to unite for this new beginning.  At 187ci, the customer is inferior to no one. 187ci is thankful to have been allowed things to help people who need cheating. A fantastic future is ahead. The team cannot wait to give you the cheat you deserve.

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